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Update on Current COVID-19 Status

It has been just over 3 months since our return to helping all the patients of the practice.

Many people are calling to book in their routine check ups, which is great news that you want to continue to maintain your oral health. However, at the current time be are still working through our backlog of outstanding treatments and treating dental emergencies.

Our team has been working tirelessly to give patients help and advice over the phone and providing support within the practice. We have been ready and prepared since re-opening and we know of many other dental practices who have struggled to open or are unable to provide a full range of services at this time.

The clinic as you are aware was always a very clean and safe environment. However, we are taking key steps by measuring your temperature before entry, hand sanitising upon entering, upgraded our PPE and redesigned the patient journey in line with social distancing. The most important thing is staff and patient safety and comfort.

For those of you who have attended you have seen the process that we have employed with in the practice and the number of restrictions currently in place means that our dental team is limited to the number of people we can see.

Our PPE has changed for when we use the drill followed by longer clean down periods. We can no longer do a quick fix by picking up the drill and it needs to be planned in the diary.

Each dentist is working between two surgeries to get through helping as many patients as possible. We have only half the team working at present and with the restrictions half the number of dentists in each day and normally we would see 120-150 patients a week and now it is around 50.

As we work through the backlog for every treatment we are finishing we are getting new emergencies that need treating so it is taking time to get through all the treatments.

Some patients will be managed through telephone consultation either by reception or speaking to a dentist.

Hygienist’s are now back. They are unable to use the ultrasonic scaler without leaving the surgery room for a long period of time before seeing the next patient. Therefore, to help as many patients they are only hand-scaling at present. We believe this restriction will be in place for a period of time so encourage you to see them now to maintain your oral health.

Amit has caught up on most of his work and is slowly moving onto routine care. For his patients the reminders for examinations will be sent out. The system has factored in those people that have missed their examination due to COVID 19. The other dentists are working as hard as they can to catch up.

For now please be patient with us as we try and help those that require our help the most and please do not call to book in routine exams. You will be contacted by email, text or letter when your dentist is ready to see routine care again.

We thank you for your understanding during this difficult time.

Denture Service

One of our dental labs is providing a denture service if you need an urgent repair.

Please call 07588654940 or 01903 205222 to make an appointment before attending.

They observe social distancing and dentures are disinfected before and after the repair. The cost is £50 for this service and the repair time takes about an hour.

The address is once an appointment has been made:

Arun Dental Lab, Unit 9, Northbrook Trading Estate, Worthing, BN14 8PN.