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If you are concerned with the appearance of traditional fillings, then you might want to consider white fillings instead.

What is a white filling?

White fillings have been designed to perform the same function as traditional fillings but are much more natural looking, leading to a much more aesthetically pleasing finish for the patient. These tooth-coloured fillings can fit seamlessly in with the rest of the mouth, with only the patient being any the wiser that they’re there.

Do white fillings perform as well as traditional fillings?

Traditionally, the view has been that white fillings tend not to last as long as traditional fillings. This is no longer the case, really, thanks to advances in technologies and materials used, and in fact, a white filling can help preserve and protect the long-term health of the tooth. This is because they are bonded to the tooth, which can help strengthen it further.

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Is it possible to replace traditional fillings with white fillings?

While we will have to have a consultation with the patient before determining whether this is suitable for them, it is possible – and sometimes recommended – to replace traditional fillings with white fillings. Some patients request this switch simply due to aesthetic reasons.

What is the treatment process like?

Receiving a white filling is very much like receiving a traditional filling. We will first administer a local anaesthetic so you’re awake but comfortable throughout before cleaning out any decay, disinfecting the tooth, and placing the filling. You’ll be able to go home and treat your tooth as normal once placed, although we do advise taking care while eating and chewing for a day or two afterwards.

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